Nursery seeks new home

This spring has been very busy.  I have been potting up plants by the hundreds in an effort to boost my inventory substantially in time for the fall shipping season.  There’s a good chance I may do a plant sale or two this fall – stay tuned for details about that!

The big story though is that I’m outgrowing my allotted space for the nursery in Poulsbo.  Its present location was never meant to be permanent and now I am putting out some feelers in hopes that I can find a new home for the nursery this fall, ideally before winter sets in so I can put up some greenhouses.  Of course I would like to have my own land, and with me having another steady job besides the nursery, that might not be out of the question.  Ideally it would be great to have a few sunny acres to work with, but I know land isn’t cheap in the first place, and having a reliable water supply and electricity on site will raise the price substantially.

As long as I’m making the move, I’m thinking a site in the Olympic Rainshadow would really be ideal to explore what is possible with drought tolerant and desert plants in our climate.  I’m especially taking a close look at Port Townsend and Gardiner – Sequim is a little less appealing since it is becoming an incongruous zoo of mobile home parks, McMansions and developments interspered haphazardly with vestiges of its former agricultural society.  Still, the right Sequim location would be fine, or even the right spot on Whidbey Island.

On the negative side, it has been pointed out that an exceptionally dry location would put me a bit out of touch with gardeners in rainier places, where most of the region’s population is.  Therefore, any workable location that isn’t in a frost pocket will be considered.  I’m avoiding frost pockets because I need to avoid excessive greenhouse heating costs.  The location needn’t be prominent, as mail order will continue to be my main stream of revenue.  And of course, land use regulations will factor into play as well.

Anyways, if you like what my nursery is about, and have any ideas, thoughts, or even land to sell all or part of, hit me up!  Maybe you know of an ideal site and would rather have a nursery and botanic garden next door instead of another development or McMansion.  If all else fails, I’ll move to eastern Washington, then come back here when I have made enough money!  Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are welcome.


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