Upcoming plant sale August 4th!

So as this cloudy midsummer night drifts subtly into the wee hours, here I sit, not dozing off or even relaxing, but hunkered down at my notebook computer, striving to beat the system, a recurring theme in my life. The problem is, most nurseries make plant tags using a specialized printer, software and materials costing a few thousand dollars. Not only is that an expensive investment for a small business owner just to get started, but then you are stuck purchasing their specialized tags whenever you want more tags. But I will have none of that. I usually just write the plant tags by hand – works for me. But this week I want to do something more, because now I have a new reason to affix prices and plant descriptions to the plants.

I have accepted an invitation to sell plants in the Pacific Northwest Branch of the Mediterranean Garden Society multi-nursery sale on August 4th. I am excited about it, and you should be too, as I will be bringing LOTS OF COOL STUFF to this sale – MUCH more than is listed on the web site. Callistemons, Banksias, Eucalyptus, Fuchsias, Hebes, Grevilleas, Agaves, Opuntias, you name it – it will be there! (Well, I may leave the Forsythia behind.) Requests of what you would like to see me bring are welcome, that is of course if I have it. The sale runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and is located at Mesogeo Greenhouse, 12364 Miller Rd. NE, on Bainbridge Island (98110).  This event occurs in conjunction with a couple of exciting garden opens, and admittance to the sale is free.  More details can be found here. I hope to see you all there!

And, to conclude my story, between the versatility of MS Word and Office Depot weatherproof labels, I seem to have the plant tag situation figured out, for the time being at least. Pot stickers aren’t really as ideal as stick tags, but I’ll keep working on it. Drat you, the system!


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