Plant sale report

Well the plant sale was a hit.  Not only was it a lot of fun, but I also sold a lot more plants than I was expecting to (admittedly, my nursery is still not too well known).  It was good to meet some of my customers in person as well!  I also enjoyed seeing what other nurseries are growing.  I like to spy on them of course, and this way I didn’t have to go far to do so.  If you missed it here are a few pictures from the event.


The NHS provided a nursery sign for me and you can also view my impromptu ‘Australian Plants’ sign.  I’ll have to work on more signage for the next sale; it might have helped sales.  I also need to print a pic of the Banksia flowers – no one bought those big ones.  Live and learn.  The little pictures in the front are of Grevilleas and Callistemons, which sold pretty well.



Fewer people bought plants from the side of the table, mainly because they simply weren’t as prominently displayed, I think.


This picture displays my fancy yellow popsicle stick tags (I would like to make them another color for the next sale – suggestions welcome!) and homemade pot stickers.  The stickers came out great and are a lot cheaper than plant tags.  Some customers liked how they didn’t have to turn their head sideways to read about the plants.  I will still go to plant tags eventually since they are more versatile.  Those tag making systems aren’t cheap though, compared to my system!


The vendor across the way with their fancyplants.


Our immediate neighbors were again Chimacum Woods, as they were in the Mediterranean Society sale.  I am very tempted to get a couple of his Rhododendrons even though I probably shouldn’t.


Also next door to us was Sue Olsen, fern extraordinaire.  It was a pleasure meeting and talking to her.  She is the author of THE book on garden ferns, an impressive and comprehensive work (I don’t remember the exact title).


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