For my next trick….

Wow.  9 accumulating snowfalls this winter and finally two weeks of fabulous, dry, sunny weather in February (I’d call it ‘springlike’ but spring around here usually means sun interspersed with intermittent periods of rain).  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I would have if I had the opportunity to be outside the whole time.

The exciting news is that the spring shipping season is coming up soon (March 15!), and it looks like I’ll have most of the same selection available from last fall, although between floods, snow and freezing I did manage to kill a few things as usual.  This year I’m trying to do more plant sales, the first of which will be at the Sequim Soroptomist Garden Show March 15-16.  It should be a fun way to get the season going and see if there is much local interest in my plants in the Sequim area.  Maybe people will all point at me and laugh…. no, I think most of them will be polite and some may be very interested in Desert Northwest plants.

The move to Sequim is progressing very slowly, but is still underway.   Please pardon a 2-3 week delay in order processing until everything is moved.  We’re still only up there once every week or two and it’s a challenge processing orders when we have things in two locations.

Other than that I’m excited to start potting up plants and watching things grow once again!!  My wife and I hope to save enough money this year for more collecting trips this fall, and, most importantly, a trip to South America to visit her family.  Of course any trip to South America will inevitably have to involve plants in some way.  Wish us luck – we’ll need it!


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