2008 Orders

A quick note from Desert-Northwest-land, which will be followed soon by a newsletter announcing the general state of affairs here and the 2009 mail order season.

Most importantly, if you placed an order in 2008, and are owed plants or correspondence from us, please write me at deus_vobiscum “at” hotmail.com I have contacted almost all of you I believe, but a few orders were lost in our move or otherwise, so please write me if this is you.  Please know that you have not been deliberately ignored.  2008 was for us a year fraught with numerous disasters, of which more shall be told here soon.  Regardless of the cause of such disasters, I wish to offer a sincere apology to those who may have been disappointed in the level of customer service offered by the Desert Northwest in 2008.

2009 is going better, but just barely.  The future of this place looks bright as soon as we can get a few more things set up here (a permanent packing/shipping station being one).  My goal for the next couple of weeks is to get all caught up on orders before I announce something about a 2009 shipping season.

Finally, I’d like to note that the nursery has moved to Sequim.  (Techinically, we’re still not done with that – what an ordeal.)  But we’re still using the Poulsbo PO box for now.  We are open by appointment.

More details to come!

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