Web update and other news

Is spring here yet?  It’s getting increasingly sunny but it’s still cool.  I guess that beats cool and wet.  It finally rained Tuesday morning after being virtually dry for a month.  That was nice for the plants.  Rain always does a better job watering than irrigation, for some reason.

As far as I’m concerned it’s springy enough to start potting up plants in earnest.  Then I will have many new and exciting plants to sell this summer.  Honestly I am almost out of probably more than half of the plants on the mail order list now.  That’s not good since I know folks are still ordering from that list.  But don’t despair because a new list will be out just as soon as some of the stuff I’m potting up now reaches a salable size (mid June? let’s hope so.)

In the meantime I’ve made the exciting determination that mail-order plants will be available all year this year.  This makes sense because every year I have so much stuff available in the summer and there’s no point in missing out on that business during what is a (relatively) slower time of the year as far as my tasks here are concerned.

Before the season gets too crazy I have accomplished a subtle, but significant web site update.  Partly this was in response to some complaints I received early on about the web site.  How do I get to the home page?  And how to I contact you?  Well, it wasn’t that hard before, but now it’s even easier.  Please also note our new postal and email address on the “Contact Us” page.  That’s right, we’re finally doing all business out of Sequim.  And hopefully it will be easier for me to keep up with e-mails since all business e-mail will be going to a separate address.  The web site also includes some new features including a specimen plant list (not ready yet, but at least I have the web page set up for it), and some updates to the links and articles (including a Sequim webcam and current weather at the bottom of the links page). Most importantly, it no longer says “the Pacific Northwest and beyondle” on the home page. Where’s Beyondle?  Doesn’t sound like a place I’d to visit.  Anyhoo, I’m especially pleased with how useful the links page has become; I find that I actually use it myself all the time.  If you find any errors on the web page, don’t hesitate to let me know.  I’m aware of two broken links–one on the ‘articles’ page and one on the mail order plant list (it’s not yet available in .doc format)–which I hope to fix later.

Despite being pretty much moved to Sequim now, amazingly I still don’t have all my nursery supplies moved out of Poulsbo yet.  We gave it our best shot on Tuesday with some much appreciated help from the family and a big box truck.  But not everything fit on the truck, nor did we have time to finish loading it, so it will still take one more trip to finish the job.  That’s unfortunate because the Hood Canal Bridge will be closing for six weeks starting tomorrow, cutting off my access from Poulsbo.  That’s part of the reason for me doing the Sequim PO Box and web update just now (though perhaps I should have done it much earlier).  I have to get my mail somehow!!

While other businesses around here are freaking out over the closure of the Hood Canal Bridge (which will temporarily cut off almost all traffic and therefore tourist money from Kitsap and the Seattle area), this really couldn’t come at a better time for us.  It’s a lull between crops and we have the lowest selection of plants in years, until all the new stuff comes along.  There will be much potting up to be done and mail-order shipments to be filled, and with few visitors we have a good shot at actually accomplishing everything.  We’re hoping to host an open house of some sort in mid July, but we have yet to announce this officially.

If you’re coming this way though, please do stop by, and don’t forget to visit Far Reaches Farm; I’m sure they’d really love to have visitors during the bridge closure as well.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, please visit us on Saturday, May 2 for a multi-nursery plant sale hosted by the Snohomish County Master Gardeners.  It will be at the Snohomish County Extension Office, at 600 128th St. SE in Everett, between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.  With the Hood Canal Bridge being closed, we’re taking the Port Towsnend/Keystone Ferry and then driving up Whidbey Island to get out there – that will be quite the drive.  But at least it’s scenic.

Well that’s not quite exciting enough to be a newsletter, but it’s my way of staying in touch with anyone who might be interested in my doings.  Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back later this summer for the new plant list!!  Until then I’ll continue to post more interesting tidbits here as well.


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