Really exciting car shelf

Pardon me if I sound shelfish, but I’m just so proud of myshelf.

Travelling to multi nursery plant sales means I have to transport a relatively small number of plants over a long distance.  I also have to take the ferry more often than not, which would be an additional expense if I used a really large vehicle or trailer.  With that in mind, efficient use of space in a fuel efficient vehicle seems like the sensible way to go.  So I have built a shelf to hold plants, that fits in the back of both our Subaru Forester and our 93 Honda station wagon.  Most importantly it fits in the Honda even with the rear seats still in their normal upright position if desired.   It holds six standard-sized nursery flats (approx 11×22 in.) with an optional top shelf that holds three more flats.  We’ve already used it several times.




I also built this little table which has room for 2 nursery flats on top and underneath (alternatively 9 #2 pots can just fit on top).


Of course the tables can also be used to help display the plants once I get to the sale, which is also nice.

At some point though, when I have more plants, I think I’ll need a trailer.

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  1. Riz
    Jul 25, 2009 @ 00:37:30

    Dude! I can totally relate! Nice set up!


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