Fronderosa time again!

Is it August already?  Great Scott. (Just wanted an excuse to use the expression “Great Scott”) That means it’s time once again for the Fronderosa Frolic. What the heck is that, you ask? It’s a two-day, multi-nursery plant sale featuring the most special of all specialty nurseries (i.e. no boring plants) in Gold Bar, Washington. And it’s coming up this weekend! For more details, see  I will be there selling plants for my second year.  See below for some pictures of last year’s event.

This year my plant selection will be focused on two things. I will be selling a majority of plants that are cold hardy, since last winter reminded us that we’re not actually in zone 12 or whatever. I will also be emphasizing drought tolerant plants, since this year’s summer drought and hot spell seem to have us all complaining about how much we have to water and how our plants’ leaves are getting scorched.  Well with the right plants, we needn’t put up with any of that!  I’ll be bringing a healthy selection of genera such as Arctostaphylos, Olearia, Oputnia, Kniphofia, Callistemon, Leptospermum, Hebe, Quercus, and a few other fun things like Tamarix parviflora, Myrtus communis, Aeonium arboreum, and Luma apiculata.

I’ll also be glad to honor any special requests (availability permitting of course). The deadline for these is 10 pm Thursday (tomorrow!) – you can reply here or e-mail me at

I hope to see you there!

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