New plant list and other news

I have two major announcements really. The first is that the plant list found here is actually now up to date, and lists plants that I have for sale now.  Fancy that.  I know, that took me a long time and now it’s winter, but hopefully it’s another step towards getting the nursery organized and enabling me to be more on top of things next year. Please have a look at the new plant list which contains some exciting things not offered before!  Descriptions are lacking so feel free to ask me about any of the plants.

Please note that the descriptive catalog is still not updated, though I am working on it.

The second announcement is that I have launched a Facebook page for the Desert Northwest.  I think this is a great way for me to provide more frequent updates about what I’m doing in a more casual setting.  I wouldn’t want to clutter up this blog with so much stuff that no one can keep up. So if you’re more interested in the day-to-day of all my nursery projects, please consider “becoming a fan” (as they say in Facebook) of The Desert Northwest on Facebook. (Now I’m not really positive the above link will work, but if it doesn’t, go to “pages” once you have logged on and search for it.)

These announcements, though noteworthy, still isn’t exciting enough to warrant an official newsletter, so if you signed up for newsletters and didn’t get any, it’s because I haven’t sent one in a really long time.  But I will. I’m just waiting until I have something really exciting to announce, like a huge number of cool new plants.

In other news, I’m almost done building a large greenhouse, which should hopefully alleviate the sort of disaster we had last winter with too many plants and not enough greenhouse space during the big freeze – what a setback that was to the nursery.  More on that coming soon.

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  1. Quail
    Nov 20, 2009 @ 01:37:35

    Today is 11/19/09. Regarding the new plant list: Wish to know if you are still in business in Sequim area.

    Thank you! Please respond to


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