Sequim Garden Show. Hear Me Talk!

We like the Sequim Garden Show. First of all, it’s only five minutes away from the nursery/home, so we don’t have to worry about whether we have forgotten to bring something. But it’s also really cool. I know, you’re thinking, how exciting can a “Sequim Garden Show” really be? You probably didn’t even know there was one at all.

We were certainly impressed with this show the first year we discovered it. With about 70 vendors, including some that don’t do any shows besides this one, it’s certainly the best garden event on the Olympic Peninsula and as good as anything in Kitsap. We also like it because we always do well in it. Some real plant nerds—yes there are some here on the Peninsula—tend to come out of hiding and roam about.

And, believe it or not, there are still some really interesting and unique specialty nurseries out there that don’t have an online presence, and you will probably never have heard of them. But a number of my favorites will be here at the Sequim Garden show. One is Phocas Farms, a nursery in the foothills above Sequim specializing in Sedums, Sempervivums and related plants. Of these the owner is a renowned expert, and has about every kind you could possibly want, and more! Another one is Pacific Northwest Naturals, which also does some Sedums, hardy cacti, and other unusual plants. Skyline Nursery usually has something interesting as well.

The Garden Show also offers a number of seminars offered by local experts. At 3:00 Saturday I will be giving a presentation on broadleaf evergreens. You’re all welcome to come to that and make me feel intimidated – ha ha. That reminds me, I should start preparing for the talk.

The Garden Show is at the Sequim Boys & Girls Club, located at 400 W Fir St. in Sequim. There is a $5 admission fee. If you have any special requests I would be glad to bring them.

If you can’t make it to the Sequim show, mark your calendars for the Bloedel Reserve Premier Plant Sale and Open House April 16-17. This is the first year ever for this sale but it seems to be very well promoted and organized so we are excited that it will be a good one. That would be at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.

A quick side note. Some of you may be wondering whether I am aware that March 8th has passed since I was supposed to have the online catalog done by then. So I have been very naughty and not finished it yet. But I will make an announcement here when I do! It’s the usual problem of too much going on at once you know.

In any case you can always refer to the Current Price List and order from that, especially if you know what you want or don’t mind doing a little independent research.

Our booth at the Sequim Garden Show last year.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Loree / danger garden
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 08:24:51

    Wish I could attend both events! I’ll just have to make do with our Hardy Plant Society sale in April. Have you ever considered making the trip down to Portland for that? It’s a long way from home but the sale is very well attended…


  2. Ian
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 23:28:43

    Loree, I’ve thought about it, but Portland seems kinda off limits until we can get a trailer. Perhaps later this year. Also, for some reason we always do better in summer/fall sales… perhaps a lot of plants we offer are subtly antithetical to the ‘spring ephemerals’ concept. Unfortunately the HPSO fall sale has usually been the same weekend as the NHS fall sale, which is always a good one for us. We’ll see what we can do someday!


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