2015 Schedule of Sales and Events!

Is it 2015 already? Why didn’t somebody warn me this would happen?

Well that was an exciting few weeks—first I had way too much going on at once, then I got sick. Then my hard drive crashed. (Fortunately I had backed up all my files.) After waiting a bit to get my computer back with a new hard drive, it took another day or two to get files transferred and programs downloaded. So for all those reasons, it’s been a challenge to keep on top of emails. I think I am now caught up but if I owe you correspondence, just write again and bug me; I don’t mind.

Now we look into the future once again to try to predict where and when we will be selling our plants this year, besides mail-order and by appointment which are always available. We are taking it a little easier on ourselves as far as spring sales, which tend to drain all my energy at exactly the time of year I need to be putting work into the nursery. So here they are, in chronological order.

March 21 – 22: Sequim Garden Show this weekend! Yeah that’s coming right up. I guess you’ll have to really drop whatever you’re doing to make that one! Well, I would have provided more advance notice had I had my computer for the last two weeks.

April 17 – 18: Rhododendron Species Foundation Sale in Federal Way. Hopefully this year it won’t pour down rain all of Saturday. That was exciting.

May 16: Heronswood garden open and sale, Kingston.

May 29 – 31: Spring Open House here at the nursery in Sequim!

July 25: Heronswood garden open and sale, Kingston. I expect we’ll be bringing some extra cool stuff to this one.

July 31 – August 1: Summer Open House, Friday and Saturday only. (The date on the main “open house page” is incorrect but I’ll fix that soon.)

August 8 – Fronderosa Frolic, Gold Bar, Washington. I’m glad Judith is still hosting this event. As with last year it will be one day only.

September 12: Salem Hardy Plant Society sale in Rickreall, Oregon (just west of Salem).

September 19: Heronswood garden open and sale, Kingston.

September 25 – 26: Fall Open House in Sequim, Friday and Saturday only. Early fall is a great time to plant and our availability is usually at its peak around this time!

So here’s the “what’s different this year” section, along with some further random thoughts.

We’re skipping “Hortlandia,” the big HPSO April sale this year, since it conflicts with the RSBG sale, which costs us less in travel expenses and we think we will do better there given the type of stock we currently have more of. We still like it though. Hopefully we’ll be back next year.

There is still no Bloedel Reserve Plant Sale, which is too bad. I have one nursery friend in the know who swears it will be back soon, and another who swears it will never be back. So that’s interesting. If they ever have another one, we’ll do it, despite the challenge of preparing for it.

The Clackamas County Master Gardener sale. That went OK, but not great; and I expect we’ll give it at least one more shot, but not this year. It’ll be more worthwhile if I have my trailer ready to go, which I still don’t at this time (another project on my list!). (The trailer not being ready is also a factor in choosing RSBG over HPSO, for that matter.)

HPSO Fall Plantfest (which, ironically, is actually in summer). Last year I said I hoped we would do this but we didn’t end up actually doing it. I’m pretty sure that’s the same weekend as the SHPS sale so we’ll probably once again not do it and stick with SHPS, unless something changes at their end. That is a long way off so who knows.

NHS. Unlike last year, there is nothing on their web site this year that confirms they are having a sale in September, the one they have had for many years. Will there be one? When will it be? Who knows? Perhaps they haven’t decided yet. But if they are, it is certain to land on one of those weekends we are already doing something else. The two times we tried to do it in coordination with the SHPS sale at the same time, the added stress hasn’t been worth it. So, for those reasons and others, in all likelihood we’ll be giving it a pass even if it’s on.

Just for fun, and because I need to test out the new image editing software I downloaded (GIMP), here’s a random photo of our booth at the Salem Hardy Plant Society sale.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Loree / danger garden
    Mar 20, 2015 @ 13:14:35

    Well at least now I know you still love us Portlanders. I was wondering.


  2. Ian
    Mar 20, 2015 @ 13:28:45

    Yes, I still do, but I’ve got some stiff competition down that way! I’m sure I’ll come down sometime this summer to bug Sean for whatever’s new and exciting.


  3. Ian
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 09:39:04

    You bet… Thanks for the invite and I’ll be in touch this summer when we figure out our plans.


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