Sequim Garden Show This Weekend! And 2016 Schedule of Sales and Events

Well it’s that time of the year again: The time when I invite you at the last minute to the Sequim Garden Show, and then try to come up with a (more or less) complete list of the plant sales and events where we will be selling in 2016. If I were really clever one of these years I might manage to remind you of the Sequim show more than a week in advance. But for now we can be impressed that I manage to find time to post this at all, considering how far behind I am on everything.

As a side note, I’ve been building some new benches for the Sequim Garden Show to display our plants. I’m kind of having fun designing something that doesn’t take up space when collapsed and makes the plants look good. Perhaps I’ll post some photos of them later when all of them are finished and painted.

I am actually more enthusiastic than usual for the Sequim Garden Show this year. Last year we did great at this show. You wouldn’t know it from the web site but this year we actually have FAR more good looking nursery stock to bring. It’s in Sequim and it’s this weekend! Here’s the link to the web site.

So here is a list of the sales and events we are planning to do this year. It is as complete as possible for the time being, but it is inevitably subject to change.

March 19 – 20: Sequim Garden Show, right here in Sequim

April 2nd: Heronswood Early Spring Open, Kingston, Washington

April 8th – 9th: Hortlandia, Portland, Oregon

April 15th – 16th: Rhododendron Species Foundation Spring Plant Sale, Federal Way, Washington

May 14th: Heronswood Spring Open, Kingston, Washington

June 3rd – 4th: Spring Open House here at the nursery in Sequim

June 25th – 26th: Gig Harbor Garden Tour, Gig Harbor, Washington

July 23rd: Heronswood Summer Open, Kingston, Washington

July 29th – 30th: Mid-Summer Open House here at the nursery in Sequim

September 10th: Salem Hardy Plant Society Sale, Rickreall, Oregon (near Salem)

September 17th: Heronswood “Fall”? Open House. I hope they don’t call it that, since it will still be summer. Kingston, Washington

September 23rd – 24th: Fall Open House here at the nursery in Sequim. Take a day trip to the peninsula and enjoy free admission to Olympic National Park on the 24th!

In addition to these events, we are considering selling plants at the Port Angeles Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays, just on an experimental basis. This is only an idea for now, but we’ll make an announcement here if we actually decide to do it, and if they let us.

Some notes and further thoughts follow:

This will be the first year for us doing the Heronswood Early Spring event. We have done most of the others since they began but not this one. While everyone else will be there with their cutesy spring ephemerals and whatnot we will have the usual supply of Grevilleas and Leptospermums, because, of course, they are not just for summer. We’ll see how that goes over. I hope the weather is nice!

Last year we skipped Hortlandia. This year we will again be back at Hortlandia. Yay. However, we will have a limited amount of nursery stock due to lack of vehicle space (I’ll probably rent a car). So I’m kind of doing it just for fun. But I will bring the coolest and most exciting stuff we currently have in stock.

Last year we skipped the Clackamas County Spring Garden Fair in Canby. I hope to get back to that event again sometime, but probably not until all vehicle/trailer issues are resolved, which still hasn’t happened. So we are again taking another year off from that, but not giving up on it. (What happened to that trailer, you might be wondering? Well, I had it just about ready to go for Fronderosa last August, but it turned out the wiring needed more work, so we still haven’t used it. Then over the winter the vehicle with the trailer hitch on it died. Bottom line, cars hate me, but I knew that.)

The Gig Harbor Garden Tour is a new one for us as well. I don’t know what this event is like but we will just try it and see how it goes.

The Fronderosa Frolic in Gold Bar, which we had done every year since 2008, is sadly no more. It had a great run, but even by the time we joined on was (so it was said) not as spectacular as it had once been. It would be interesting to analyze “what happened” to make this sale go from an exciting event to one that was gradually less interesting each year. But the ultimate cause probably has to do with the general troubles faced by the nursery and garden industry as culture becomes more globalized, out of touch with nature, and disenchanted with local horticultural events. Times have changed and the nursery business must adapt. I am glad to have been a part of Fronderosa while it lasted.

It felt good not doing the NHS fall sale last year, which is also a shadow of its former self, and which always seems to be the same weekend as something else we like better. So I guess we’ll have to skip it again.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these events. You can even come to all of them! We will be impressed.


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  1. John Kugen
    Apr 01, 2016 @ 09:29:57

    Thanks for putting up the dates of these future garden sales.
    Some other reasons for besides what you listed as to why people have lost interest I have noticed was the 2010 November freeze that probably killed many people’s collections of marginal and some not so marginal plants. I noticed a significate drop on plant boards after that event. Then the huge price increases. Back in the late 1980’s (prior to the Internet) I use to buy 30 or 40 plants at a time and kept the total price under a $100 even with shipping. Now I’m lucky to be able to buy 4 plants and keep the price under $100. That is a 10 times price increase. During that same time period my wages only doubled, and that wasn’t from cost of living but promotions. Like many people, $100 is still a lot of me, so I have cut back on buying plants which I think many others have also been doing. Yes, I know the growers prices have increased for supplies and labor so I am not complaining about their prices, and espeically not yours. It is just a few other things that have caused problems in the industry.
    BTW, how are your Schefflera doing? Mine are starting to show life.


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