Reopening Plans!

So the question of the spring has been, are we ever going to reopen or what? And the other question has been, why can’t we see a list of your inventory online? As some of you may recall, we had already closed before the Coronavirus panic erupted. The answer to the first question is that we are shooting for right around the first day of summer, or about a month from now. This makes sense for a number of reasons, a big one being, our period of very low inventory over the winter will be coming to an end, and that is also about when I expect to finish cleaning certain places that need to be presentable, a time-consuming process.

To the second question, the low inventory situation will soon be behind us, as the stuff I have been potting on through late winter and early spring finally fills out enough to become available. Except for all the stuff that froze dead when it unexpectedly dropped to 23°F on March 15th. That was too bad. That is the latest 23 we have ever had, and I would certainly have done a few things differently if I had known it would happen. Weather in general was a bit rough on plants early this spring with periods of cold and wet alternating with periods of blazing sun, abnormally low humidity, and extreme dinural fluctuation. Freshly potted cuttings don’t like that too much. But in spite of that, inventory will overall be on the upswing soon, and thus will again be worth listing on the web site. So that stuff will all be back, even if it is taking us a while.

Then there’s mail-order. I think we can resume mail order just after we reopen, or about early July or so. That puts us a bit later than the spring mail-order rush (still ongoing for other nurseries), but we don’t really want to start off overwhelmed so that is fine. We will be well poised to have a great fall mail-order season.

What kinds of plants will be available? I think we’re looking at a good selection this summer of plants such as evergreen oaks, Hebe, Olearia, Grevillea (finally!), Leptospermum, and Opuntia cacti. And perhaps later, Eucalyptus. Things are still not moving too fast in the Agaves and Yuccas department, and Arctostaphylos will probably be a bit sparse this year, but we are working on all those. There may even be a few fancy things like Leucadendron and Protea species available later this summer if we’re lucky.

Then there’s the seed list. What happened to that idea? Well the seed list is ready to go. I just have to jump through a couple more hoops and get all my ducks in a row at this end. I might even get that done by the end of this week. As was the case years ago, the seed list will be heavy on Eucalyptus and large-scale succulents, with a few other random odds and ends.

The main point here is, just because it appears I am moving slowly, does not mean I am not moving. In fact the nursery is keeping me quite busy, with a lot of time still being dedicated to maintenance and cleaning. Put another way, I’m very goal-oriented, but it often takes longer than I expect to get where I want. Increasingly I see the value in “plodding along” at a couple hours per day per task, to ultimately fulfill multiple goals at once. By playing the long game you’re not as likely to get burned out. I know, I know, some of you figured this out long ago.

So there you have it, our reopening plans. As usual, watch this space for updates.

Oh, one final note, I haven’t forgotten that I promised to follow up on my post about street trees. I started on it but it’s fairly involved to come up with a good tree list. That will be a fun summer project.

A few current nursery photos, including new Grevillea cuttings that should be ready sometime in July, Leptospermums that are pretty much ready now, and some nice 1 gallon Opuntia cacti.

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  1. george guthrie
    May 25, 2020 @ 11:50:44

    good to hear. hope to be able to get some plants from you this year. good luck and please keep us posted.


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