Catalog Update and New Features!

Greetings desert enthusiasts. I hope you are all having a good spring. I have been too busy to do a lot of posting here but you’d better believe we are working hard at the nursery in every spare moment. The weather has gone from mild over the winter to cool and at times stormy for April and May, making for a very protracted spring – that’s fine as far as our plants are concerned because it hopefully gives us more time to get on top of them!

Several items of note. The catalog has been updated and many new plants and returning favorites are now available. So even if you’ve checked it lately, have another look!
New categories for conifers and Mediterranean plants were added in March, and will be maintained. Our inventory is not quite up to pre-move-to-Sequim-and-big-freeze levels, but we’re getting close.

Also, we have added a HOT LIST to note new and returning plants, other changes to our inventory, and plants coming soon. We hope to update it regularly, and you can add it to your bookmarks to check the new and exciting offerings we are able to come up with. But of course, we would say that. I also started a list of discontinued plants but I’ll probably move it to a separate page at some point.

Another change is the assimilation of 1 gallon mail order plants into the mail order catalog. Previously they were only listed separately and without any description on the alphabetical list. So the plants in the mail-order catalog designated as “1 gallon” are larger than our usual mail-order size.

You may also have noticed that I added a couple of “featured plants” to our home page providing additional direct links to the plant list. (I think we have about 400 of Agave montana, and every last one of them deserves a good home!) And I have cleaned up the main page of the catalog to hopefully make it appear more straightforward and less cluttered up.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook page if you aren’t already!

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